Nils Köbis


Nils Köbis  is a founding member of the Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Network. 

He is a Post-Doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Economics and Business and a member of the Center for Experimental Economics and political Decision-making (CREED) at the University of Amsterdam.


Funded by NWO Talent Grant, Nils wrote his dissertation on the Social Psychology of Corruption at the Faculty of Experimental and Applied Psychology (VU Free Unviversity Amsterdam). His current work on corruption deals with:

- theoretical differentiation of different psychological mechanisms involved corrupt behavior

- developing an "Atlas of Corruption Types" as teaching tool and to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration

- how social norms can help to explain, and reduce corruption

- how corruption unfolds over time

- corruption in the education sector

- dual process models and behavioral ethics

- meta-analyzing bribery games

- and negotiation


Together with Matthew Stephenson (Harvard Law School) and Christopher Starke (HHU Düsseldorf) he is the co-host of KickBack - The Global Anti Corruption Podcast (@KickBackGAP)