Summer School Lisbon 2017

Photo by Simon Couball on Unsplash
Photo by Simon Couball on Unsplash

The Methods School on Corruption and Corruption Control Analysis (CORAN) took place in Lisbon on September 25-29, 2017. It was coordinated by Luís de Sousa (ICS-ULisboa) and by Oksana Huss, Ina Kubbe and Nils Köbis from the ICRNetwork. The event aimed to make  students aware of the diversity of methodological options available to approach the study of corruption, their characteristics and limitations . By advancing students’ and practioners knowledge on these different methodological approaches and techniques, we helped them obtain a more nuanced understanding of how such a complex normative issue with social, economic, cultural, institutional and political implications can be studied.

Nils Köbis (University of Amsterdam) and Ina Kubbe (Tel Aviv University) chaired the workshops on "Research Designs" and "Mixed Methods and Triangulation" in the field of corruption research.

Have a look at the program here!
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