first KORRWISS colloquium

Organised by Jamie-Lee Campbell (University of Würzburg) and Johann Steudle (MPI Freibug)

Berlin, 13-14 September 2013


  • Frank Heber (Hochschule Hannover): "Personal and situational factors of corruption"
  • Berta van Schoor (TU München): "Corruption prevention through collective self-binding – corporate-cultural and organizational success factors"
  • Jamie-Lee Campbell (University of Würzburg): "Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll: How gender, reciprocity and organizational culture impacts employees‘ corruption"
  • Leonie Hensgen (University of Heidelberg): "Implementation of human rights in the international anti-corruption strategy to strengthen the integration of corruption victims"
  • Johann Steudle (MPI Freiburg): "Fighting corruption through public service law?"