ICRN goes UN


The ICRN is proud to announce that we contributed to the Special Session against Corruption of the United Nations General Assembly, 2021.

Along other great institutions, as you can see here 


Our contribution itself is openly available here. 





We sincerely hope you all are well, and keeping safe during this global pandemic.

After much discussion among our core organizing team as well as our host institution, we have reached the difficult decision to postpone our 2020 Forum to June 2021. In light of the current global health crisis, the travel restrictions etc, it seems the most feasible to ensure everyone's well-being, and the well-being of the Forum.

It's not all disappointing news though. We are glad to announce that we will be hosting the Forum virtually next year around the same time and we appear to have confirmed almost all funding for then too. Importantly, in the interest of fairness, applicants that were accepted will not need to re-apply. We will send out a link to ask you to confirm participation, just in case your plans have changed.

In case any of you have any outstanding queries, please do not hesitate to email us. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Our very best wishes to you all - from a safe social distance of course :)




Our vision

We are a network of corruption researchers from different disciplinary, national and cultural backgrounds. We believe that exchange and collaboration is paramount to foster the understanding of the complex and socially harmful phenomenon of corruption.


The vision of the Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Network is to reconcile

varying perspectives into a constructive outlet for the progression of scientific research

on corruption.


Our objectives

  • Cultivate underdeveloped perspectives and broaden the trajectory of corruption discourse
  • Expand collaborative opportunities across professional and disciplinary boundaries
  • Maintain independence against institutional constraints on membership eligibility, research, and policy priorities

Our goals

The overarching goal of this program is to enhance the quality of scientific research on corruption, its sources and consequences as well as on good governance with the ambition to boost its application in the policy-making and implementation domains .


We intend to achieve these goals in two main phases:

  1. Establish the network of scholars and foster solidarity and exchange of research approaches and results from their respective disciplines.
  2. Introduction and integration of policy professionals and implementers into the network and to build a bridge from scientific research on corruption to policy application.


This program is innovative insofar as it will be the first such interdisciplinary network of scholars committed to scientific research on corruption and good governance. Furthermore, it will be a pioneering effort in knowledge transfer from academia to the policy and implementation spheres on these issues.


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