The aim of KorrWiss (= KorruptionswissenschaftlerInnen) is to provide an interdisciplinary platform for young corruption researchers to communicate and exchange their ideas. The network covers about 100 members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland who share their research, corruption-related information, conference calls. In addition, to make exchange more personal, alternating KorrWiss members organize regularly colloquiums in different German cities (see below). Each colloquium provides all members the opportunity to discuss their work in progress, completed research outputs, and ideas for future projects, as well as to hold methodological workshops.

The main objectives of KorrWiss are:

  1. To connect young German speaking corruption researches (up to post-doc level).
  2. To promote interdisciplinary work and to value and respect different perspectives, definitions, and methods of corruption research.
  3. To discuss research on a peer level. The network is not open to senior researchers. All contacts take place on a level playing field and the discussion culture is informal. 
  4. To support other members in a constructive way without any form of research competition.
  5. To feel responsible for the community. KorrWiss is a community that relies on the activity of its members. Everyone is invited to become engaged (in any way) in supporting members of the group.

8th Colloquium, Berlin 2020

7th Colloquium, Stuttgart 2019

6th Colloquium, Frankfurt 2018

5th Colloquium, Berlin 2017

4th Colloquium, Düsseldorf 2015

3rd Colloquium, Duisburg 2015

2nd Colloquium, Hannover 2014

1st Colloquium, Berlin 2013