Summer School Kiev 2016

The ICRForum in Amsterdam and the workshop “Researching endemic corruption on the country level: The case of Ukraine” became the source of inspiration for the Summer School in Ukraine “How to research corruption: Analytics to influence anti-corruption politics”, held on 8-13 August 2016 in Kyiv. One week intensive course in corruption research, organised by the Anti-Corruption Research and Education Centre at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Ukraine, aimed to support young researchers and analysts in anti-corruption field in Ukraine with necessary theories and methods, required in their work. International lecturers from such disciplines as political science and public policy, economics, anthropology, psychology and law, gave an overview of main approaches and technics in corruption research. Following the results of the summer school, participants presented their work in progress at the colloquium in Kyiv. 

On behalf of the ICRN we thank all participants for their engaging participation,

Steven Gawthorpe

Oksana Huss &

Nils Köbis

Download the program here
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