Seventh KORRWISS Colloquium

Organised by Felix Goldberg (University of Stuttgart)

Stuttgart, 22 - 23 March 2019



  • Max Christian Braun (Free University Berlin): „How does CEO Regulatory Focus, Incentive Compensation, and Firm Performance affect Financial Misrepresentation?”
  • Daria Patlai (University of Stuttgart): “Informal Rules and Relations in the Urban Development Process”
  • Giovanna Rodriguez Garcia (Center for Research and Teaching in Economics): “The effect of party system nationalization on the perception of corruption”
  • Benedict Stefani (Central European University): “Can impartiality be enforced? The impact of the National Anti-corruption Agency on corruption in Romanian municipalities”
  • Sabrina Pfister (University of Zurich): “Trust in the police: What is the influence of values and corruption?”
  • Felix Goldberg (University of Stuttgart): “A (preliminary) typology of corruption and lobbying”