This podcast series features

in-depth interviews

with a wide range of corruption experts,

on questions such as:


What have we learned from 20+ years of (anti)corruption research? 

Why and how does power corrupt?

Which theories help to make sense of corruption?

What can we do to manage corruption?

How to recover stolen assets?


With a discussion around these and many other questions that fascinate us about corruption research we hope to reach and engage with a broad audience.


The guest so far have included Pulitzer Prize winning journalistsworld-leading corruption scholars, chief Economists of Development Banks, former FBI agents, creative and passionate anti-corruption practitionershigh ranking corruption investigators and the first UN whistleblower.



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Twitter: @KickBackGAP

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KickBackGAP is a podcast project by...

Nils Köbis
Christopher Starke
Matthew Stephenson

& Jonathan Kleinpass


Special thanks to Kayhan Golkar for composing our jingle "Points"


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Media Coverage

The podcast has been featured on the Global Anti-Corruption Blog (here) and the Center for International Private Enterprises, Anti-Corruption & Governance Center's Business and Integrity Blog (here).