IVa Pravanova

Iva Parvanova is a PhD student at the Department of Health Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her doctoral research looks at bribery, social norms and reciprocity in healthcare across several geographical areas using econometric and lab experimental techniques. Additionally, Iva explores conflicts of interest due to pharmaceutical industry funding of patient organizations and physicians in high-income countries. This work has been published in top-ranked peer-reviewed journals such as the British Medical Journal  and BMJ Open. It has also received media coverage by the Guardian.


Iva also supports Transparency International’s Global Health Program on several projects related to health data governance and falsified medicines. She is the Coordinator for the Behavior and Society Working Group at the Young Scholars Initiative in the Institute for New Economic Thinking.


Iva actively participated in organizing the 6th ICRN Forum 2022 in Bologna and 8th ICRN Forum 2024 in Lisbon.