Aiysha Varraich is currently a PhD candidate at the Quality of Government Institute and the Political Science department of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Her dissertation focuses on religious clientelism and how it affects both citizens’ and politicians’ political behavior – with a focus on South Asia.


She has spent a large portion of her research conducting interviews as part of her fieldwork, both as part of her dissertation and prior to embarking her PhD. Her

research interests include political behavior, corruption, religion, trust in developing

countries and qualitative methods (interviews in particular).


She first joined the ICRN in 2016, where she attended the first ICRN Forum in Amsterdam, and held an introductory lecture on how interviews can be used to research corruption (a summary can be found in the Conference Proceedings). Also, she was part of the core organizing committee of the 3 rd Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Forum in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2018.