Nils Köbis


Nils Köbis is a Post-Doc at the Faculty of Economics and Business and a member of the Center for Experimental Economics and political Decision-making (CREED). Nils did his PhD at the Faculty of Experimental and Applied Psychology (VU Free Unviersity Amsterdam). In his PhD he investigated the social psychological factors of corruption. As one of the first social-psychologists working on corruption his work covers wide range of research questions, such as: What are the different forms of corruption and what are the psychological decision-making process involved (see our paper here)? What role do social norms play in bribery (see our open access paper here)? Or how does corruption unfold over time?

Funded by NWO Talent Grant that Nils received for his dissertation project, together with Oksana Huss, Anna Schwickerath, Annika Engelbert and Corinna Martin, Nils helped to organize the first ICR Forum in Amsterdam that took place in June 2016.